While the scheduled twenty-one days of this year’s Racial Equity Challenge wrapped up in April, we invite you to make use of this materials throughout the year. FSNE invests a significant amount of time and energy updating and improving the Challenge every year and it’s our hope that its usefulness can be spread far and wide.

Think about whether you are doing this exercise on your own or if you want to organize a group of participants at your school, business, organization, etc. Make sure everyone planning to participates allocates at least 15-20 minutes “per day” of material that you’re covering (more if you want to dive into the optional extra material offered each day). If you’re working in a group, have an initial conversation about what people would like to get out of the Challenge and if/how you’ll meet to discuss what you’re learning and apply it to your activities. Visit our Tools for Groups page for help with some of this.

Decide whether you’ll be doing this over twenty-one consecutive days, spread out over twenty-one weeks or on some other schedule. It’s up to you.

After that, it’s pretty straightforward: Start with the Pre-work assignment and then work your way through each day’s material in order.

Don’t forget to visit the Food Solutions New England Resources Page for this Challenge to find additional materials to suit your needs.