The theme this week has been “Regenerating and Re-patterning.”

Closing Reflections

Today’s prompt builds on yesterday’s reflection about how the Challenge has guided you to think and act differently, perhaps more boldly, on this journey of racial equity and justice.

How will you put any of your new commitments into action, starting as soon as Monday? What kinds of supports do you need to do so? Do you have those supports or can you organize them into being, perhaps with help from others?

There is work to do on your own, but much of the change we need will happen in collaboration with others as well. We are in this together. Who are your potential accomplices at school, work, home or in your community? 

Also, consider committing to an ongoing practice, a way to chronicle the year ahead through writing, drawing, music or some other expression. Choose something that will work for you so that you can continue to reflect and integrate your learning from this Challenge, find opportunities for healing if needed and also see how your dreams for the future can begin to unfold. Let your own “garden” for justice blossom and extend across boundaries! 

Thank you for joining us and the thousands of others across the country taking this Challenge together!