The theme this week is “Regenerating and Re-patterning.”

Today’s topic is New Patterns: Supporting Sovereignty and Self-Determination 

01 Learn

Someone at a Food Solutions New England Network Team meeting once said, “Equity within fundamentally dehumanizing systems is not what the goal is.” Rather, equity is tied to “liberation” (from racism, othering, white supremacy, patriarchy, extractive forms of governance and economics) when it lifts up food sovereignty and self-determination. For more on food sovereignty, read this recent short article from Civil Eats. And for some other examples, see this piece on the White Earth Food Sovereignty Initiative and watch this short video on the work of self-determination through the North Philly Peace Park. You might also look at the Food Sovereignty Principles of the Climate Justice Alliance.   

02 ReflectWhat do these terms “food sovereignty” and “self-determination” mean to you? How do you relate to them in your work, studies, volunteerism and community engagements/interactions around food?

Regardless of your familiarity with them or your race/ethnicity, what might be important and/or helpful for you to incorporate from these concepts, principles and practices in your life and work?  

03 Act

  • Investigate what movements for food sovereignty and self-determination are already happening in or near your community. 
  • Start/join conversations with your neighbors and community members about the precariousness of our dominant food systems, and about who is most vulnerable. See if there is interest in building/supporting greater and equitable local reliance through community gardens, cooperative farming/fishing and other mutual support efforts. 

04 Digging Deeper, Time Permitting…