We continue this week’s theme of “Healing.”

Today’s topic is Levels of Racism: Structural Racism and the Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap and/or Policy 

01 Learn

As Inequality.org puts it, “Systemic and structural racism has contributed to the persistence of race-based gaps that manifest in many different economic indicators. The starkest divides are in measures of household wealth, reflecting centuries of white privilege that have made it particularly difficult for people of color to achieve economic security.” This gap means that many Black and Indigenous people and communities and People and Communities of Color are more at risk financially than White people and communities at times of disruption.  And with respect to the food system, it means having less access to the means to purchase land, start a business, etc. 

Read through the series of charts in this article that shows the widening racial wealth gaps in the United States. Also scroll through some of the graphics in this report on racialized economic disparities in the food system. You might also be interested in this resource from Prosperity Now to see how different states are doing with respect to the racial wealth gap.   

02 Reflect

  • What comes up for you as you take in this information about the racial wealth gap? Due to our intersectional identities, those of us with multiple less privileged and/or oppressed identities (based on gender, ethnicity, physical ability, age, etc.) tend to have greater barriers to wealth  accumulation. Take this into consideration in your reflections.
  • How often do you consider implications of the racial wealth gap in your food system related work and/or studies, or generally as an eater?  

03 Act

04 Digging Deeper, Time Permitting…