This second week, the theme is “Healing.”

Today’s topic is Levels of Racism: Addressing Interpersonal Racism 

01 Learn

Though some would believe otherwise, interpersonal racism is very real. We are seeing more visible evidence of this in the time of COVID19, including escalating attacks on Asian and Asian-American communities. Everyone, and especially White people, have a role in calling out racism and bigotry, and this can be a hard thing for some people to do. Even if it is not difficult to do, it can be difficult to do in a way that is ultimately productive, inviting someone who has said or done something that perpetuates racism to change or to consider changing.  

We invite you to look over this checklist of racist behaviors and interventions (starts on page 6) as well as the 21 images of frequently heard micro-aggressions in this article. Consider how you see your own role and responsibility around addressing interpersonal racism. 

02 Reflect

  • What acts and expressions of interpersonal racism do you see around you? Are you comfortable with intervening around racist behavior? If so, is it with some people as opposed to others?
  • What have you found to be effective? What has not worked? Reflect on your intent when you intervene – what do you hope will happen through your intervention? If you have not been able or chosen not to intervene, why is this the case? What would support you?

03 Act

  • Listen and observe more closely for subtle and not-so-subtle racist aggressions around you today and this week, including in the media.
  • Consider ways to intervene or to support others in doing so. If this is not comfortable, find an opportunity to share the checklist above and invite people to consider their behaviors and ways of checking themselves and others.

04 Digging Deeper, Time Permitting…