This first week, the theme has been “Digging In.”

Saturday: Week One Catch-Up and Reflections 

As was the case last year, during the 2020 Challenge, we are leaving space on the weekend for you to catch up on any prompts from the week (all linked at the bottom of this email) that you may not have been able to get to, or to go a bit deeper in your explorations of the resources provided.

That said, we recognize that Day 5 in particular has a lot to it (“Getting at the Roots of Whiteness and Anti-Blackness”) and suggest that you consider spending some more time with that particular prompt and related resources. 

Also, while reflecting on the first week’s prompts, we invite you to take some time to get quiet and reflect. Is there anything that you see differently based on your participation so far? What images come to mind? How does this impact how you think about your life/work/volunteerism/studies in food systems or your relationship to food? Is there anything you are inspired to do differently? 

We will send you one more small reflection email on Sunday morning and we look forward to starting Week 2 with you on Monday.