This first week, the theme is “Digging In.”
Today’s topic is Racial Socialization 

01 Learn

Socialization is a process we all go through – it is how we develop values, habits and attitudes and learn to function in the world. Understanding the process of socialization can help us understand how we came to where we are in our views of race and racism in the food (and other related) systems and what we are willing and “able” to do to work for justice. Consider this model of socialization and look at the different forces at play that reinforce attitudes and beliefs, and also at what can create new patterns (a theme for the third week of the Challenge). Also watch this short video (less than 4 minutes) on “the culture cycle” at play around race in society.

02 Reflect

  • What do you see as the most important influences in your own racial socialization (parents, other family members, community, teachers, friends, institutions, etc.)? 
  • What forces push you away from deeper consideration of, and work for, racial equity and food justice? What supports might pull you towards more steady work for racial equity in the food system and other systems?
  • What feelings and bodily sensations come up as you explore the cycle of socialization in your own life?
  • Consider doing an art response (drawing, poetry, music, collage, etc.) regarding socialization and culture cycles in your life.  

03 Act

Share the cycle of socialization and/or culture cycle with friends, family members, colleagues. Talk about your respective paths of socialization. What actions could you take to mutually support one another in the direction of positive change? Start taking some small steps! Share with others to inspire and encourage them.

04 Digging Deeper, Time Permitting

  • Look at the resources on the RESilience website and see what catches your interest.
  • Listen to some of the stories on the EmbraceRace website that speak to how racialization shapes our individual and collectives lives.  
  • Explore other links on the Challenge Resource Page.